Monday, May 30, 2011

Annoying High Pitched Whine

How many times have I stood, patting shoulders or holding hands, chatting about the weather, something, anything to get some drama queen to shut up?  All the while knowing that the last time I broke a bone, I was driving with it for a week?

What ever happened to 'suck it up, buttercup?'


Not that I blame anybody for getting hurt, or expressing how much it hurts, but yelling about it is going to just make it worse for yourself and for everyone trying to help you.  Like I tell my son... "less grunting and groaning about how hard it is and more work please."

I guess nobody teaches that any more.  You can make things hurt worse by whimpering.  Really.  Brain chemistry works that way.  You get less access to those lovely endorphins.  Really.  Whining, moaning, whingeing and complaining hurts you more than everyone forced to listen to you.  Really.

So if you get hurt, get it looked at -- but go for that hit of endorphins and all the lovely products of your adrenals and shut off the annoying high-pitched whine.

P.S.  I have access to a doctor and a health-care system.

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